"Carptrack" stands for Products, which have a above-average attractiveness and in this combination, look for their equal and feed carp at the same time! Whether short sessions without feeding or long Ansitze, Imperial Baits Carptrack products are eaten fast and on and on.

Inspired by the successes of a Selection of the best carp anglersyou have probably also become aware of our boilierange.
The "good feeling" is a recipe component that you bring along yourself.

And we will not disappoint you!

Stinkers, Yummys and Cold Water
We differentiate our boilies as well as all pop ups, dips, gels, power powders and flavour between stinkers, yummies and cold water.

Falling under the category of stinkers:
Crawfish, Monster's Paradise, Elite, Monster-Liver, Mega.Krill and Fish, as well as the associated flavour and other additives.

Our sweet boilies, the Yummys:
Scopana.Love, Elite Strawberry, Osmotic Spice and Birdfood Banana, Uncle Bait "The Boilie", Banana as well as the associated flavour and other additives.

The Cold Water Range:
The following varieties are concerned: Monster's Paradise CW, Explosiv Stickmix CW, Liver CW and Monster CW.

Carptrack Range
The Carptrack Rank is relatively simple. For each boilie we have in our program, there is the boilie mix, matching flavor, dips and gels, flying hookbaits and Half'n Halfs.

Other categories
IB Menus, Starterkits, Boilies, Activ Baits, RAMBO Hookbaits, Boilie Mixes, Additives, Dips & Gels, Pop Ups, Boilie Production, Flavour, Power Powders, Amino Pellets, Scrapping Boilies