Cold Water Boilies

Imperial Baits Carptrack Cold Water Boilies

The Cold Water Range has been specially developed for successful fishing in cold water, between the months of November to April.

The water soluble ingredients in the boilie mix have been increased many times over, resulting in a very high attracting effect, even at water temperatures below 10°C. Customers and team members had incredible

Winter catches without pre-feeding.
The combination of various highly soluble Carptrack ingredients make the Cold Water Boilies Series into a real Winter Cracker, but also for short trips in summer or "stalking" they are very successful because of the enormous attracting power (but then we call them Activ Bait).

The higher the water temperature, the faster the exchange of the special cold water attractors...

...such as Carptrack protein concentrate, CT-Powder, CT-InP, CT-Squid-Liver meal and CT-GLM fullfat, instead. Start a trial, you will be impressed!

Carp from the ice hole - not possible ? Then click on the image....

Major iBlog Update:
- with 5 tips for successful winter fishing by Max Nollert - 5 more tips from Jan Federmann and Patrick Scupin