Activ Baits (season chaude)

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Activ-Action...for the summer, so you're on the fish right away!
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Valid for all Activ / cold water boilies, you can find them here:

Note: Cold Water and "Activ Boilies" are the same because they are the identical baits, just with a summery name.

The water soluble ingredients in the boilie mix have been increased many times over, resulting in a very high attracting effect, even at cooler water temperatures.
Clients and team members have incredible success. You will have these too!

Big catches without pre-feeding.
The combination of various highly soluble Carptrack ingredients make the Cold Water Boilies Series into a real Springbreaker!


but also for short trips in the Summer or "stalking" they are due to the enormous attracting power highly successful (but then we call them Activ Baitalso available for order here, they are the same and thus identical bait like the cold water).

The higher the water temperature, the faster the exchange of the special highly soluble attractors takes place....

...such as. Carptrack protein concentrate, CT-Powder, CT-InP, CT-Squid-Liver meal and CT-GLM fullfat and Betaine.

Start your active fishing - you will be thrilled!
*by the way, bananas like to turn white, then they're even better - no sh....
Milk powder and NHDC precipitates as "fog" on the boilie surface.