Fishing Lines

Braided line of the extra class
Dyneema Made in GermanyVisible Touch... and night fishing becomes a visible breeze!

Mit Teflon coating - High load capacity - Low elongation - UV light resistant - Long service life - 12 knots per cm - Neutral floating behaviour

Surface Sealed: - Long throws- No wigs- No loss of color

The ideal reel spooling for lake and river:approx. 75% braided Visible or Invisible Touch20% monofilament 40s (as a stretching component so that the lead a.) does not move in the current (river) and b.) remains in the same place in a storm in the lake.5% 50-60 scarf line

How much line will fit on my reel?
Example:5000 Daiwa Entoh > exactly 600 m of the 0,17 mm Visible or Invisible Touch + 20-30 meters of monofilament 50 strike line SHOCK IT.
On the spool of the Daiwa Entoh you will find the following capacity for monofilament line: 0,40mm = 280 mYou can now calculate the amount of line you need with the rule of three: 600 x (specification of 40 mm mono on your spool, e.g. 200): 280 = approx. 430 m.

Extra Tip 1: When spooling, we recommend a damp cloth with dishwashing liquid to remove the manufacturing materials / residues of the surface sealing, so that the line has from the beginning hardly any surface tension, which prevents any line from sinking, which lies loosely on the surface.

Extra Tip 2: After removing the assembly from the dinghy:A return with a rod immersed in the water up to 50cm, provides further security to protect the line from water sportsmen even at long distances.

Its neutral sinking behaviour ensures that it neither sinks further nor rises to the surface. Never tried it?

For a first order of this article (300m), please send the picture below, including your current address by mail to We will send you an order confirmation with 25% discount on the 39,90 €. So you get the cord for 29,90 €.
This offer is only available once per customer.

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