amino pellets

amino pellets
These extremely high-quality pellets dissolve only slowly and are composed according to fishery-biological criteria.

They catch everywhere at first go
and are also a very good by-feed for fishing with Carptrack Boilies 

The special effect: 
Use, as with the boilies, our Carptrack "Pimp my baits" Additives to wet the pellets from the outside a few hours before. Have fun photographing your catches!

Amino acids: L-lysine, L-methionine, L-cysteine - Vitamins: A, D3, E, C - Fatty acids: Omega 3, Omega 6 - Protein content: 32% - Fat: 9% - Moisture: 3.2% - Ash: 11% - Carbohydrates:34.8%.

Wheat flour, fish meal, soya cake, rape cake, vegetable oils, amino acids, shrimp meal, fish oil, vitamin premix

Our Carptrack Amino Pellets are available in the sizes 2mm, 4mm, 15mm, NEW 20mm and 25mm.

Extend the dissolving time of pellets? How does that work?

Quite simple, with Imperial Baits Boilie Protector Spray (BPS) (currently not available ;-(

  • BPS prolongs the dissolving time of pellets by a multiple (unfortunately BPS is currently not available)!

Simply spray your pellets with IB Boilie Protector Spray (BPS) on. - Ideally, let the BPS soak in for 1-2 hours, preferably longer. - BPS prevents the immediate penetration of water and protects the pellet from the outside. - Your pellets will be much longer hard and resistant to whitefish attacks.

Consider the animation - the test in a glass of water....