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imperial fishing history

Not reading this ;-)

When I started to develop the idea of IB with a friend in 2003, we had hoped to be able to finance ourselves. Today, this hope is completely off the mark, because Imperial Baits has been a pioneer on an almost unique path to success. Tens of millions of Carptrack boilies have been and are still being used throughout Europe to catch big carp and especially big carp with great success. The entries in the social media are impressive.

How did that happen?

Boilies over 10€ / kg you can not sell! That was the forecast of bait companies and "consultants" at the time. No way, money is only earned with cheap goods. In the end we did our thing, produced the best recipes from our many years of experience, made ZERO compromises on ingredients and ended up with 10, 11, 12 and even over 13€ per kilo - and could live off it straight away!
Not just online, absolutely get into the shops with the goods,build up a fleet of agents etc.... it said.

We stayed online, politely cancelled about 320 dealer inquiries in D to date, had no reps, never even one. That was the best decision we ever made. We are not advice resistant, you just have to persistently do the opposite of what self-proclaimed "advisors" tell you. Then they are the best advice in the world. Thank you. Today we are happy to receive inquiries from countless countries. I wonder how the Russians, Japanese and Americans will take notice of us? Oh yes, the internet, we are online!

IB is as closeto its customers as it gets and we, the men and women behind IB, are all involved in the process of formulation, packaging and shipping from the very beginning. Several times a year it is time to get to work - ALL of us. Normally everyone has his job. It is only irrational and inefficient at first glance. What hardly anyone sees: working together strengthens the team. 

Speaking of "best hints": on waters that are new to you, you will ask the successful for good tips in vain. But ask the anglers who have hardly any success. They are guaranteed to give you their exact and unvarnished approach known and so you know exactly how you should not do...

Tight lines, max nollert & team