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The new IB Power Tower System

The IB Power Tower System makes it possible for every angler to put together his own personal "IB Power Tower" with exactly the products he needs at the moment.

Easy to handle, easy to use: 
Hold several boxes with only one hand at the same time, the IB Power Tower consists of connected cans with threads on each side! - To access a product, simply twist the "IB Power Tower" open at the appropriate point.

The upper can always forms the lid of the lower one.

Many different products are stored in this way very easily ordered and clearly coherent in the fishing rack, bag, etc.. - Your products are always clearly structured, whether in the fishing cellar, tent, boat ect. The IB Power Tower boxes are also perfect for storing rigs, swivels, leader material etc., which is very easy and practical to handle with the IB Power Tower.-

Let's not forget coffee, tea, soup powder, sugar, salt etc.
The Power Tower boxes are also designed for food.
The milky transparency reduces light exposure, but at the same time provides visibility of the product for quick identification of the contents.
Everyone will find his own way to use the IB Power Tower optimally for himself

We wish everyone a lot of fun with it now.