V-Pops / Fluo Pop Ups

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Fluo Pop Ups are more than colored Pop Ups
Fluo Pop Ups are UV active lures. UV light has the shortest wavelength of the light spectrum and therefore penetrates deepest into the water. Invisible to us, but makes fluorescent colors brightly visible. Normal bottom baits or balanced baits do not have this property, their visuality disappears with increasing water depth. The best way to show the effect of the different lures and the luminous property of the PopUp's is in a picture comparison under different light conditions.

Conventional Baits
Our conventional Colours are lost with increasing depth, depending on the wavelength of the light. First the colour with the longest wavelength disappears, i.e. red, then orange, followed by yellow, green, blue and finally violet. In practice we should therefore first determine our natural water colour in order to be able to make a statement about the effect of our lure colour. This can be from deep blue over green up to brownish and works like a colour filter. If we know this, then we can roughly estimate which wavelength range penetrates the water particularly well. If we now choose a lure with the same or a longer wavelength, it will be easy to spot under water. For example, in greenish water a green (Monsters Paradise), yellow (Birdfood Banana), orange lure (Mega.Grill, Oriental Spice) or even red lure (Uncle Bait) will be easy to see. The right choice for curious fish. If you choose a lure with a shorter wavelength, e.g. in a bluish or brownish colour which is not present in the light spectrum (BigFish, Monster Liver, Elite), it will cancel itself out and be harder to see. Good choice for shy fish. Another variation is to offer a lure in different colors. The same lure in different colors. One is more noticeable and the other disappears visually sooner. Maybe the reason for the extraordinary catches with Crawfish and Scopana.Love. A good choice if you don't yet know the behaviour of the fish in a body of water. The visibility is therefore the combination of the light spectrum at the respective depth, the colour of the water and the chosen bait colour. Visibility changes throughout the year due to changes in water colour and natural turbidity. Therefore, certain colours work better in spring than in autumn or vice versa.

Fluo PopUp
By adding UV colour to the bait you increase the colour intensity of the bait. The Fluo-PopUp! thus turns something that is actually invisible into something eye-catching even at greater depths, where not all the colours of the light spectrum reach. As long as only UV light (ultraviolet=shortest wavelength) can reach our bait it will definitely be "brightly" visible. Only the colour intensity of the Fluo-Pop Up will be weakened or completely absorbed by the colour of the water. A normal lure in the same colour would not be noticed at all. Attention, however, this "shining effect" is not always an advantage. The deeper and murkier the water the greater the positive effect. The shallower and clearer the water, the more unnaturally glaring the lure appears, in this case there is the danger of a scaring effect. Direct sunlight reduces this effect of glowing and makes the PopUp appear in a normal colour. Cloudy skies, however, intensify this effect even more. In complete darkness there is no fluorescence at all. At night all cats are grey. In the end you have to find out which combination the fish in the respective waters respond to. Unfortunately there is no golden rule.