Fish Hawk GTM - Temperature & Depth Gauge + Free Protector Bag

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Fish Hawk GTM - Temperature & Depth Gauge + Free Protector Bag

The free Protector bag (value 8,90 €) protects the Fish Hawk during transport, can be attached to the belt and has a second compartment.
Embroidered with strong Anaconda logo.

The underwater temperature is often the key to success.

"Well measured is half caught!"

At any time of year, paying attention to subtle temperature differences is often very crucial for
catching. The Fish Hawk GTM allows the angler to virtually see exactly and quickly what the temperatures are in metre increments at the hot spot.

And that to the deepest water bottom.

Thus, it provides twice as many temperature readings as the predecessor "GTM 40 T+" already did without, which only measured every two meters.

Max Nollert:

To call it a milestone in carp fishing would perhaps be a bit too big, but nevertheless - there are also small stones and the sum
of all efforts makes the success. Decide for yourself on
your future fishing trips how the Fish Hawk GTM will benefit
your carp fishing and success.
You may be surprised...!"

Now there is for some time finally the brand new, improved version,
the "Fish Hawk GTM"!

Our offer:
With us you get the Protector Bag for free.

Together immediately available

The big benefit:

find in no time all temperatures and thus of course the thermocline in the water!

- Units of measure in Celcius/Meter convertible to Fahrenheit/Foot
- Depth range: 0 - 90 m / 0 - 300 ft
- Temperature range: 0 - 38.9° C / 32 - 102° F
- Measuring steps: 1 m / 5 ft
- 100% waterproof and shockproof housing
- Weight: approx. 80 g - for optimal casting characteristics
- guaranteed battery life: min. 5 years
- Easy handling and precise display of temperature and depth
- adjustable for salt and fresh water

1. attach the device to the fishing line or to the cable of the downrigger (an additional weight of approx. 150 g can also be attached to the downrigger to bring the device quickly to depth).
Press the start button.
Wait approx. 3 sec. until the Ready sign appears in the display and throw the device to the desired location.
After the device has reached the bottom or the desired position, wait approx. 5 seconds and then retract the device.
Press View to view the results.
The device switches off automatically after approx. 45 sec.

The underwater temperature is often the key to success.
At any time of year, attention to subtle temperature differences is essential for
often very decisive for the catch. The Fish Hawk GTM lets the angler virtually see exactly and quickly what temperatures are in meter steps at the hot spot. Thus he has twice as many temperature indications as the very desirable GTM 40 T+ without hin already, which measured only every two meters.

Rough guide:

Fish above the thermocline in the spring, as vegetation may be more dense due to higher
temperature here is much more developed. In summer (at very
great heat) fish just below, because more oxygen in the cold water
is dissolved. In autumn, follow the deeper thermocline and stay above it.

Carp anglers have been waiting years for the new Fish Hawk GTM!
Batteries last 7-10 years (guaranteed 5), operation is self-explanatory, extremely simple.

Life Time:
Singer offers to exchange the device as soon as the battery is empty.
Just send it to singer and wait for the exchange.

Chris Lemke shares his tips in this video -. for depths over 10m!