Amino Dips

Short Track
Carptrack Dips are particularly easy to apply due to the adhesive formula. Simply dip in and eject or or like to leave in.

Carptrack Dips include:
Carptrack NHDC, Carptrack Liquid Amino, Carptrack Flavour, Carptrack GLM fullfat,CarptrackLiquid and Carptrack inL

Application & Adhesive Formula:

  • It is best to place your hookbaits in one of our Amino Dips for at least 24 hours.
  • Boost the attractiveness of your boilies - especially for short trips!
  • The boilies can also stay in the dip for months and do not become soft!

For those on short notice:
Due to the adhesive formula Carptrack Amino Dips can also be used shortly before ejection.
To be used for laying out. The boilies will take the color of the dip after hour in the water. En good witness how he worked. 

Zolt Bundik