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What is and how does a real pimp?

The use of Carptrack additives is very simple and can be used for the production of boilies as well as for finished boilies. One or optionally several Carptrack powder additives are ''attached'' to the outer application of finished boilies with Carptrack Liquid; Carptrack inL or Liquid AMINO. As these are concentrates, we recommend using the dosage information as a guide - the products are very productive and increase the chances of success enormously, as thousands of carp catches, even under the most difficult conditions, have impressively proven! We have a separate 12 page ''Pimp my Bait Flyer'' for you. This will always remain valid as far as the products and properties are concerned. In it the enormous upgrading of baits is described in detail and made easy to understand by pictures - this is how you trick the carp!

Pimp wins
The Pimp itself has hardly changed in the last 20 years. The "pimp effect" as I like to call it, is one of the most winning acts in carp fishing. Especially, but not only, when you can't pre-feed for long. With Pimp it's "feed less - catch more!" And it can actually be that "simple". I'm not a fan of books like "carp fishing is so easy", because it's a very complex thing. It's not about catching a fish once, any angler can do that and any lure, without exception. It is about continuous success. And there are great tools for that, like the BigOne Pimp! In terms of "easy", however, the fact remains that in the end you have to do everything yourself and make the many necessary decisions. Above all, it requires a portion of conviction concerning one's own actions. And then with the right bait and the right Pimp such catches and series are possible, as they experience so many with this method again and again.

The BigOne Pimp, the best of over 15 years Imperial Baits!
Due to the impressive catches of Daniel Wysdak, the Pimp made of Amino Complex Liquid and the powder of the same name is also called "The Wysdak Pimp". For BigOnes on the assembly line? Sometimes it is! The concentrated load speaks volumes. Amino Complex Powder, Carptrack Powder 35%, inP 25%, Liver 10%, Protein Concentrate 10%, Squid-Liver Meal 10%, GLM full-fat 5%, Betaine 5% - all in one can and thus the entire Carptrack dry additives combined into one powder!

MAXIMUM amino acid power, unmistakable taste and smell, highest water solubility = CARPTRACK MAGNET of the extra class! The only thing missing is the liquid component: Amino Complex Liquid, the liquid component consists of Carptrack Liquid 19,5%, inL 19,5%, Liquid Amino 60%, NHDC - The Original 1% and there you can still only find at IB.

And how does that work exactly?
Mostly we use the 20er or 30er Pimp. This means 20g or 30g per kg of boilies, the dry component in the bucket give over and shake. Afterwards the same with the liquid component in ml - shake - ready is the success Pimp!

Awesome trips, just two of thousands of examples!!!
Kevin Hoffmann recently experienced a sensational trip in France. After a brilliant start (we reported in FB / Insta) came right at the beginning the Ü30 lake record! For Daniel there was a Big One Avalanche of the highest class at Iktus Lake. What feed tactics Kevin and Daniel used? Of course the Pimp and videos are all online at IB.

Extra tip for unsuccessful baits in your cellar, in which you have lost your confidence:
The BigOne Pimp. An unbeatable combination? 20-30 ml or g per kg over ANY boilies. Even baits that you have had in your basement for a long time and have zero confidence in.... pimp them with Carptrack inLiquid and Powder (or the Wysdak Pimp) and they will catch again.

For sure!

And always true for pimped boilies, "Feed less, but pimped & catch more that way!"

Tight lines, max nollert