ATS Technology Hooks
After long and extensive "field tests", as well as comparisons with hook models of other manufacturers on the market, we are of the opinion that the new Technology hook series ATS are the strongest, sharpest and most durable carp hooks. Manufactured by one of the best known Japanese hook manufacturers, who work closely with the best steel manufacturers, the ATS hooks go through a very special manufacturing process, where special attention is paid to a balanced tempering of the material to ensure the highest level of stability and sharpness. A new non-reflective coating provides absolute corrosion protection and ideal camouflage for the careful carp eye. Teflon has been completely omitted as the hook stability is extremely reduced when the hook is heated twice to apply the Teflon coating.

Once you've tried the ATS Technology hooks, you'll never want any other!

The Experiment: Captain Hook "The Battle of Hooks"
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The battle of hooks - we test our carp hooks