Activ Baits

"Be Active on the Waterfront"

...I keep telling myself!

Beside our own activity there are still a lot of small helpers,
which can support us thereby in highest measure !

"With the three "Activ Baits" versions of the Imperial Baits Boilies Monster-Liver, Monster`s Paradise and Birdfood Banana is something new at the start, that there was so but already!

Are you confused now?
Rightly so, because why should it now be presented in a new way?

Simply because it is not yet in the focus of the masses in this version! You look, but you don't see the gold, because the previous epithet of these
special boilies blinded you in the strong sunlight :-)!
Yes a metaphor explains the effect best here.

Den great use for carp fishing was recognized by clever species a long time ago and they always kept it to themselves, because from far away or even from close you can't see the difference on the boilie itself.

Only in the water the bombs go off.

Activ Baits

And now here is the direct benefit of "Activ Baits":

Fishing trips can hardly be more successful than using boilies that are more soluble than the standard boilies on the market.

We have been doing this with our entire range for 15 years anyway, with special ingredients and production-specific tricks.
heeded, albeit with varying degrees of intensity,
just "normal IB soluble" and "cold water"!

Dog food already showed us the way in the early 90s.

Everyone knows the effect of dog food like Frolic, Hufu and co.
Hardly a Boilie comes against it, however, can the carp fishing
can be an insurmountable challenge.

This already starts with the long-term baiting on the hair and continues through the attraction to white fish. Unfortunately there are these baits
not in massive full round, a little bigger and at least a little longer lasting.

Who makes from Frolic Boilies with eggs, unfortunately, no longer has the soluble effect and anglers have been wondering for 25 years or more why it doesn't catch like the Frolic itself. If you leave out the eggs, you've won nothing!

Clearly, due to the denaturing egg during cooking and the possibly further binding ingredients such as lactalbumin / durum wheat semolina, the dissolving spook and the active version of Hufu and co is over and thus also the great advantage.

But not with the "Activ Baits" from Imperial Baits!

Because here all advantages and disadvantages could be optimally combined.

Any kind of fishing will be more catching, that's for sure without a doubt!

  • Whether short trips from afternoon to evening late or in the morning hours
  • one-night stands
  • on longer extended trips where you have the possibility to lay out the rods again comfortably depending on the situation.
  • If you don't have any white fish problems, depending on the water temperature, such an "Activ Bait" will stay in place for 15, 20 or even 24 hours without any problems.

The spreading of the ingredients and therefore the attraction potential is much higher with more solubility - although it is still a solid bait - and the catchability as well!

Insoluble baits are always at a disadvantage!

Notice anything yet?
Some of you might have already noticed, these are the Cold Water Boilies available at IB since 2007, which of course can't be offered as "Cold Water" in the warm season, because, thanks to the name, hardly anyone understands it. "Cold Water in the summer??!" the crowd would chant!

Logical consequence, so that the scales fall from the angling eyes:
we offer IN SUMMER the strongly ingredients releasing Boilies under the term "Activ Baits".

We aretalking about the varieties Monsters Paradise, Birdfood Banana and Monster-Liver in the sizes 16 and 20mm which from now on will replace the Cold Water Boilies in the warm season.

Good carping,
max nollert


Activ Baits