IB Carptrack Banana Cold Water Boilie

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Birdfood Banana Cold Water Boilie:
In the winters of the past years the Birdfood Banana Boilie crystallized again and again as an excellent cold water bait. Its bright yellow colour makes it extremely eye-catching underwater and arouses the curiosity of sluggish winter carp. Its banana flavour is ethyl alcohol based and therefore dissolves extremely well in cold water. The wonderfully sweet and creamy taste comes from the addition of IB Carptrack NHDC (natural sweetener, 1800x sweeter than sugar without being bitter or spicy) and finest highly soluble calf milk powder. The added IB Carptrack Liquid Amino with its amino acid profile ensures extremely good feed acceptance and feed stimulation - which we need most in winter!

And now it's coming off twice as fast!
The particularly good catches in winter brought us to produce the Birdfood Banana Boilie in the Cold Water variant. By increasing the water-soluble ingredients, such as calf's milk (with 20% now double portion!) and the reduction of Eggalbumin, the bait now works at least twice as fast. In other words, it works just as well in winter as the normal boilies in summer - at least!

Click here for the 5 tips (incl. video) and more for successful winter fishing for carp.