IB Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS

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The further development: Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS
Strawberry Cream
The flavour combination, further developed on the original formula, surprises with a fresh strawberry fruit and an even creamier and, due to its increased NHDC sweetness, almost carp-stealing, very pleasant Cream/Scopex aftertaste.  

Or simply put, "an aromatic harmony that is second to none!"

A look into the past
The Uncle Bait "The Boilie" has been an integral part of the Imperial Baits bait range since December 2012 and is in numerous bait bags of carp anglers all over Europe on the waters.
The aim at that time was to create an attractive bait around 10 € / kg using as much of the highest quality IB ingredients as possible.

Catch fish like crazy!
In the following years the catch reports overflowed and especially the "trapping" worked with this pink, sweet and very creamy boilie. "Candy" Boilie un proportionally well.
Numerous BIG ONES were outfoxed with this tactic "little by-feed and no pre-feed".

This Boilie convinces therefore above all by its enormous catching power with the Instantangelei.

The Aroma Harmony of Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS
It was time to develop the bait even further, because also Long Term and especially with pre-feeding it should deliver top results. Max Nollert and his team tested various mixtures of different strawberry and cream flavors, which they imported from different European countries. It was also necessary to find their perfect mixing ratio in the boilie.
By adding the long time proven IB Carptrack Liquid Amino and the fabulous sweetness of the NHDC's, a flavor harmony is created that is second to none.

Be sure to try it for yourself, but be careful:
Danger of addiction!

Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS - Catch fish like crazy!

Carp love Uncle Bait - Extra Strong PLUS - you`ll love it too!
Uncle Bait - Extra Strong is:

- 100% CATCHY!

Uncle Bait "The Amino Gel"

30 g FREE in every 5 kg Uncle Bait "The Boilie" bag!