Visible Touch Snaggy Water (Braided) - 0,30mm / 300m

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Visible Touch - Snaggy Water

Runs like clockwork 

Extreme conditions require strong equipment in all areas. That is why we have developed the brand new Snaggy Water version of the already known braided main lines. Especially when the lures are dragged several 100m through the water and pass various obstacles, e.g. weed full of shells, sharp stones, shell banks, etc. a really good line is necessary to prevent breakage.

The fine braided Snaggy Water variant is ideal for any hardcore use and with a diameter of 0.30mm as well as a load capacity of 21kg almost indestructible!

Surface sealed:
- Long distance casting
- No wigs
- No colour loss

How much line will fit on my reel?
5000 Daiwa Entoh > good 400 m of the 0.30 mm Visible or Invisible Touch + 20-30 meters of monofilament 50 strike line (SHOCK IT).
On the spool of the Daiwa Entoh the following capacity for monofilament line is indicated: 0,40mm = 280 m

You can now use the rule of three to calculate the amount of string you need:
400 x (specification 40 mono on your reel) e.g. 460 : 280 = approx. 657m

Extra Tip 1:
When winding up we recommend a damp cloth
with rinsing agent to remove the production-related materials / residues of the
Remove surface sealant.
So the cord has from the beginning
hardly any surface tension, which prevents any line from sinking, the
Lying loosely on the surface.

Extra Tip 2:

After removing the assembly from the dinghy:
Drive back with a rod immersed in the water up to 50cm,
provides for further security the line also with large distances before
water sports enthusiasts.

Its neutral sinking behaviour ensures that it neither sinks further nor rises to the surface.Sample flyerFor a first order of this article (300m), please send this picture, including your current address by mail to
We will send you an order confirmation with 25% discount on the 39,90 €.
So you get the cord for 29,90 €. This offer is only possible once per customer.
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