STORMSURE (super glue) - 3x5g tube

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Stormsure is a true all-rounder:
It is suitable for the waterproof repair of

-fabrics made of natural and synthetic fibres,
-rubber and Hypalon,
PVC and PU (polyurethane) and almost all other plastics (including GRP).

It seals holes and cracks reliably and quickly. On most materials it creates a higher bond than the material itself and is therefore particularly suitable for elastic substrates such as neoprene, rubber, PVC etc..
Due to its consistency, Stormsure not only glues the damaged parts, but even fills larger holes, without the need for additional patches.

You may already have heard of "The Experiment - Stormsure" heard.
The aim was to put this very special adhesive through its paces. To do this, we even cut intact inflatable boats in two and had customers repair them with the help of Stormsure. The results are amazing!

Stormsure not only permanently glued boats together, making them fit for hard use again, but also sealed porous and leaking areas WITHOUT having to use a patch!

Special features
- Stormsure hardens due to the moisture contained in the ambient air!
- Stormsure remains flexible after curing!
- Despite its elasticity, Stormsure is resistant to pressure, tension and tearing.
These properties make Stormsure an almost unique adhesive and thus an irreplaceable repair aid for household, workshop, profession and all hobbies!

Examples for anglers:
- permanently seal defective wading boots / waders with pure Stormsure without additional patches
- permanently seal defective waterproof clothing with pure Stormsure without additional patches
- Depending on the size of the holes, inflatable boats are permanently sealed again with pure Stormsure or Stormsure + patches.
- Defective tents, unhooking mats, bags, rod pods and landing nets are repaired "patchless" (without patches) with pure Stormsure in no time and thus made usable again.
- the properties of Stormsure open up completely new possibilities in the end-tackle area

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Due to the sensational success Stormsure is now available at Imperial Fishing Layout at best conditions!

Stormsure sticks to almost anything!
Stormsure glue is used by professional saddlers and repair companies! The glue hardens on contact with water / humidity - the best glue for us anglers!

See in this video briefly cut various repair possibilities with Stormsure
Video length: 2:56 min

"Patchless repair" - instructions for repair with Stormsure without additionalPatch
Video length: 3:34 min

"Patchless repair" - Instructions for repairing with Stormsure without additional patches.
Video length: 1:12 min

Use for:
Repairs, connections, sealing and technical applications!

Adhesive materials:
PVC, metals, glass, plastic, PU, composites, nylon, rubber, leather, wood, many fabrics, man-made materials & more -... all can be combined with each other!

- High abrasion resistance - ideally suited for bonding and coating
- For faster curing mix with 1% water or special thinner
- Exceptional flexibility even in cold conditions
- Can be used with a special thinner (60:40), for coating porous materials.
- Resistance to many chemicals

STORMSURE Instructions for use:
Notice: Check the repaired areas before use. Proceed exactly according to the instructions for use.

Clean the damaged area with soapy water from dirt and
Dust. Then clean the area thoroughly with a chemical cleaning agent (such as acetone, nail polish remover
or spirit). Stormsure is applied directly to the damaged area on one side and still about 5mm beyond this area. Make sure that there is no unevenness in the glued area. Stormsure will dry after 2 to 4 hours, but complete drying will not occur for 10 to 12 hours.
achieved. To accelerate curing, mix a very small amount of water or adhesive curing agent with Stormsure in a small container. This must be done very thoroughly by stirring intensively (e.g. with a brush).

Seal holes with pure Stormsure (patchless repair):
Apply a clear adhesive strip to the back of the hole. Then apply Stormsure to the tape and within 10mm of the hole. After 10 hours you can remove the tape.

Shoe soles:
Apply several coats. Sprinkle the last layer with sand to prevent a smooth, shiny surface.

After the repair with Stormsure: Push the contents of the tube forward, roll up the end of the tube and reattach the protective cap.

Protective gloves are recommended!