Rebelcell Li-ion battery 12V / 18AV + charger + 2kg boilies

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12V18 AV Li-Ion battery

specially designed for use with 12V depth sounders, shore power and 12V feed boats. Has the same dimensions as a 12V7A - 12V9A lead acid battery.

Travel time feed boat:
up to 3x longer driving time than a standard -12V9A lead battery.

Power supply on the shore:
can charge up to 9 tablets or 15 smartphones at lightning speed.

Main features:

Compact and lightweight:
the battery weighs only 1.0 kg.

Top features:
Can be discharged to 100% without adverse effects on performance and life (unlike a lead acid battery which may be discharged to a maximum of 70%).

High user comfort:

Lightweight and compact. Fast and intermediate charging (full within 4-5 hours), Built-in protection (BMS) from misuse. Works with most AC-DC converters.

1 to 1 replacement to the lead battery:

has the same dimensions as a 12V7A - 12V9A lead-acid battery for feed boats.
Very long life: up to ~ 10 fishing seasons

2 years warranty