iBoat 320 GEN5 Superlight - classic green - inflatable boat

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320 GEN5 classic green Superlight

incl. accessories, warranty card, manual, EC declaration of conformity, 2 years warranty on the boat and all attachments, 5 years warranty on the boat skin.

 Now also in the Super-Spar-Package with Zebco Rhino E-Motor!

Operational Area:

The iBoat 320 is designed for larger trips. It offers enough space to transport your entire tackle for a week or longer and even be able to row. It comes with the proven high pressure air floor including 2 carbon stabilizers. With the slatfloor, which you can order as an option, you have even more space inside.

How big is the iBoat when inflated?

Length: 320 cm
Total width: 162 cm
Interior width: 86 cm
Interior length: 240 cm
Tube diameter: 38 cm

How big is the iBoat when rolled up?

Length: 120 cm
Width: 50 cm
Height: 30cm

What is the weight of the iBoat?

29,5 kg excl. high pressure air floor (without paddle and bench)
Approx. 2.5 kg lighter than GEN4 before
High pressure air bottom: 6,3 kg
Bench: 2.7 kg
Seat cushion: 0.35 kg
Pair of paddles: 1.74 kg

Explosion test with a compressor using the iBoat 210as an example.
We brought the Air from 4 inflatable boats into a single inflatable boat!

That's why you need no pressure relief valve. Pressure test in the blazing sun. 

 Which material is used?

Dezitex 1100 (like GEN4, 0.9mm). New in GEN5 is the super light coating, which is responsible for the color green or black carbon. The boat has the same excellent durability.
It is slightly lighter according to the objective.

What is the maximum payload of the iBoat?

602 kg

What is the maximum motorization allowed for the iBoat?

15 HP

Which air pressure is the right one?

Tubes: 0,25 bar
High pressure air bottom: 0,6 bar
Keel: 0.25 bar

Classic green
now also in finest classic green optic. The new superlight hightech PVC now in classic green Optic,

Grip thing in carbon Optic:
Not only the new superlight classic green hightec PVC is top, but also the handles on the boat and the two airboards to stabilize the high-pressure air bottom on the 260 and 320.
These are even made of full carbon from now on all boats.

Due to the continuous development, the PVC (carbon black or classic green) is now used on all boats innoticeably lighter - just superlight.

Weights and high-tech PVC

- the lightness of being - iBoats GEN5

The secret of the kilos lies in the new high-tech PVC.
Similar to high-quality winter jackets / functional clothing, the aim is to achieve a product that is as hard-wearing as possible,even for extreme situations, not by using a lot of material but by quality.
Set up, carry, pack, a little less storage space in the car necessary....
the whole handling is even more fun.
Even better to pack.

  • better wrap up and stow smaller. Thick rubbing strips
  • that you can safely pull the boats onto the shore and crash them against a wall or similar.
Carbon equal to the previous Realtree boats and the green ones stay the same!


- Hull: cabon black
- High pressure air floor: dark grey (less susceptible to dirt)
- Paddle: black lacquered
- warm wooden bench: black lacquered + seat cushion
- iBoat logos on the side and front: brown / orange


Pictures in the online shop also show the use of earlier iBoat generations!


Click here: For our French customers here the current big review of Carpe LSD

Click here for the GEN5 Newsletter with all information about carbon black and classic green.

iBoats - the most sophisticated inflatable boats on the market (own development)

The iBoats 210, 260, 320 are equipped with a substantially larger interior as
ordinary inflatable boats.
It's the ideal companions for the ambitious carp angler.
These are very good sizes for extensive echo sounder trips, setting down mounts, feeding actions, fish drills and thanks to the large interior spaces also great to use as tackle boats.
Many more and over the years developed features, in cooperation with the
Imperial Fishing Team, round out the iBoats and make them today's most sophisticated inflatable boats on the market.

All iBoat Generation 5 features at a glance
click to enlarge
iboat collage
High pressure air pump with pressure gauge and transport bag, fender expander kit, iBoat transport bag in practical folding style, iBoat Raincover, Inox D-ring with handle at the bow, 2 black aluminium paddles, paddle holder with Inox mount, unbreakable metal tubes screwed and countered throughout (no grub screws), 2 black wooden bench seats with sliding function, multi-position (210 one bench), removable bench seat cushions, repair kit

iboat collage
Generous standard equipment iBoat 210, 260, 320:
dark green high-pressure air floor with 2 supporting floor boards for even more
more stability when standing in the iBoat or driving with a petrol engine (1
bottom board on the iBoat 210), large rubbing strakes on the places where it is
high pressure air pump with pressure gauge and carrying bag,
Fender Expander Kit, iBoat Transport Bag, iBoat Cover, Inox D-Ring with
Handle at the bow, 2 black paddles, paddle holders with metal tubes
(indestructible), carrying handles on both sides and at the stern, 2 black wooden benches (210 one bench) with multi-position sliding system
and removable bench pads, operator's seat,
Quick start guide, EC declaration of conformity, repair kit: adhesive,
Patch material, valve wrench, pressure gauge and spare valve

How much are the shipping costs with prepayment?
Transport costs = 0,00 € within Germany with prepayment

Interior Info
We achieve the large interior by shorter pivots (the transom moves further back), a little more width and above all following the cutting pattern as long as possible straight tubes, which "close" only at the last moment to the bow!
Thus we have almost the interior of a currently regarded 320, already with the 260 iBoats!

Rod Pods on the iBoat?
For the iBoats 260, 320 and 400 there are several good solutions for this - depending on your needs.

If you already own a Mini Carpo, Combi Carpo or Carpo from Amiaud, you can start immediately with an adapter:

Mathis Korn - Unboxing iBoat 320


Driving characteristics of a 320 iBoat with petrol engine (in this case Realtree) - 7 min.

Construction and driving characteristics of a 320 iBoat with petrol engine (in this case Realtree) - 45 min.

HD Video: Max Nollert's Inflatable Era, since 1996

Imperial Fishing iBoats - The endurance test - iBoat VS Dodge RAM 2500

This is how an iBoat is built:

Also see the iBoat product launch exclusively at www.carpzilla.de

Mark Dörner: "The iBoats from Imperial Fishing are extremely popular. No wonder, because Imperial Fishing was the first company to develop inflatable boats specifically for carp anglers. The iBoats also scored highest in our inflatable boat comparison and the latest version of the boats, the iBoat 2.0, features another world first: oarlocks with metal roller - impossible. The iBoats are real carp fishing boats, so it's high time for us to get them in front of the lens!"

The big Carpzilla inflatable boat comparison - www.carpzilla.de
The selection of inflatable boats is huge today. This gave the editorial team of Carpzilla the inspiration for a current boat comparison.
With this Carpzilla gives you a nice overview - which boat is the right one?

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