Carp'R'Us - Mouthsnagger Dragonfly Larvae - (8 pcs) Colours: green, brown, black, transparent

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Mouthsnagger Dragonfly Larvae
The original and patented Carp'R'Us Mouthsnagger conquered the market as a simple shrink tube replacement in the "Lign-Aligner" hook presentation. The Mouthsnaggers improve the hook's ability to rotate and minimize the chance of the fish blowing out our rig without getting hooked.
Mouthsnaggers easily attach to all hook models, with a straight or inward angled eye, in sizes 2-12. Unlike conventional shrink tubing, the Mouthsnaggers are already pre-formed and do not need to be formed and attached by high heat or steam. When the hook is no longer needed or is replaced, the Mouthsnaggers can be removed and reused.

Mouthsnaggers are made of an exclusive material that absorbs any odor and taste of the water bottom, compared to other "line aligner" materials.

  • A hook equipped with a mouthsnagger improves the hooking efficiency and increases the number of hooked fish enormously.

Available colours: green, brown, black & transparent
Content: 8 pieces