Carp'R'Us - Combi Blowback Rig (ready tied) - Longshank Nailer

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- You have little time to prepare your assemblies?
- Fine rig tying has never been your thing?
- You just want to go fishing for the weekend?
- Or you just want to rely on the rigs of the pros?

Then the Carp'R'Us Ready Rigs from the pros are just what you need!

Ready tied rigs (hook mounts) were often requested in the past. Carp'R'Us now meets the request of numerous carp anglers and provides a selection of the best and most commonly used rigs.
During the development Carp'R'Us worked very closely with the European team to provide you with the four most effective rig types you can count on when hunting big carp.

Two reasons why even experienced carp anglers like to fall back on the ready-made rigs:

- The rigs are tied with the greatest care
- The rigs consist of single parts of the proven Carp'R'Us Endtackle Range

Carp'R'Us - Combi Blowback Rig (ready tied) - Longshank Nailer

The Combi Blowback Rig consists of a 16,5cm long 50lb Clearwater Fluorocarbon and a 5cm long 25lb Smooth Braid. A ATS Longshank Nailer, equipped with a Mouthsnagger Shorty brown, form the most important part of the assembly.
Pull the rig out of the box, tie the boilie hair as long as you need it (maximum length by using bait needle), load it with an IB Carptrack bait and off you go!

All Carp'R'Us Ready Rigs have a ring at the top end that can be easily converted into a Gizmo Quick Change Swivel get in on the action.

Available with:ATS Longshank Nailer Size 6, 8
Content: 2 piece

Max Nollert recommends combination blowback rigs:
"I have been fishing my own designed combi rigs for many years. The stiff fluorocarbon part ensures a clean presentation and prevents tangles when discarding or throwing the assembly. Fluorocarbon sinks and is almost invisible, it is also extremely abrasion resistant and long lasting stable. The soft part provides a very good hooking effect as the hook can move freely. I use the Longshank Nailer mainly in unobstructed waters, whereas the Centurion is used in the "hard" situations. Now Carp'R'Us has put together the knowledge and experience of many European anglers and brought the Combi Blowback Rig to market in absolute perfection.
Now I too count on the ready tied leader!"

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