iRocks Leads (more fish!)

Offers: 10 + 1! (we add automatically)20 + 3! (we add automatically)30 + 5! (we add automatically) (Please write the weights of the desired free iRocks in the comment field at the end of the order or send an email to iRock - "more fish, more sportive, more nice!"Gripper 80-300 g- sinks less deep into the mud after casting than lead of the same shape - comes up faster from the bottom when reeling in, much less risk of snagging! has more grip due to larger contact surface- improved hooking properties due to larger contact surface (more friction on the bottom)- minimised risk of dropping out as the iRock follows the carp's jerky movements more gently- takes up to 5% of its own weight in aroma (e.g. flavour, dips, jelly, etc.) flavour, dips, gels) and releases it slowly- un-dipped the iRock appears neutral as it absorbs the surrounding water- does not require a coating that could later come off on bottom contact- should they be able to do so, carp will no longer be able to detect lead. - nature friendly - non toxic! Without lead or tungsten! iRock`s offer us many technical advantages for greater success in carp fishing and on top of that are completely harmless to our waters. For the first time conservation is even cheaper than natural dirt! iRocks can also be dipped as they have been designed to absorb flavours. While this has long been a trend in other types of fishing, it may still sound a bit foreign to us. Big iBlog update about the iRocks - click here! Note: iRock has a bit more drag when casting longrange. However, lighter iRocks can be fished for the reasons mentioned above. iRock inliner long casting forms also under 100 g in cooperation with Ufosinker are now available! - VIDEO: The iRock Statement - Features of the iRock Gripper explained and demonstrated by Dennis Pries! The matching iBlog update can be found under this link.