Carptrack Boilies

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...very special and stand out from the crowd!
Our boilies are attractor, instant and long-term bait in one. By this we mean boilies with a sensible nutritional value tailored to the carp. They are made of many different, natural and highly attractive flours, whereby we attach great importance to the fact that these are partly very water-soluble and as palatants meet the taste of the carp even from a distance. A complex stabilisation against mould without loss of quality is essential for us.

...longer fresh than other boilies!
Especially the "moisture retention principle" is highly appreciated by our customers. The stabilisation of Carptrack boilies is complex and expensive. In terms of taste it is hardly noticeable. It protects the high-quality mixtures in the bag from mould for at least two years. And it also has the fine side effect that even if the bag has already been opened the product does not dry out too quickly and therefore a certain "juiciness" of the boilies is retained for a long time. Many carp anglers attach great importance to this quality feature. Whenever you go to the cellar, your boilies are fresh and catchy!

...high in protein and full of attractors!
Monster-Liver, Monster's Paradise, CRAWFISH and Fish are at the top of the list in terms of protein content - closely followed by Elite and Elite Strawberry. To balance out the attractor effect that goes hand in hand with the amino acid profile of the proteins, in Osmotic Oriental Spice, Birdfood Banana Boilies and the Uncle Bait - Extra Strong, in addition to super attractive flours, we have also used liquid components such as inLiquid, Liquid Amino and the fabulous Carptrack NHDC.

...the concentrated charge of smell, taste and nutritional value!
Attractive, water-soluble smell and taste, a current nutritional value that provides energy to the fish and the amino acid profile created by the protein flours, make the Carptrack range, consisting of additives, mixes and boilies, the most exceptional in the current carp sector - now in its 16th year!

...a carp catching guarantee!
The catches of these baits have been exceptional from the beginning and still are today! The feedback from our customers and team members motivates us daily to continue in exactly this style! I

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