AMIAUD G4 (Rod Pods)


WOW: Rod Pod Carp'o G4 - pre-order now, available approx.10th March!
Huge surprise

...maybe even the biggest from another manufacturer's product page.
The G4, I have to admit I wouldn't have thought of this sensational version.
Universal seems totally understated as a term. It can do just about anything and is dead chic at that!

I have now held it in my hands for the first time, enclosed my unboxing for you.

Whether two, three or four rods - yes, even the 3 Buzzer Bars for us dear Germans is on my extra request in the works - it will be possible and never seem cramped or bent,

GENIAL - Amiaud, you make me happy!

Unboxing Video by Max Nollert from 03.03.2021

VIDEO of the predecessor: IF Combi Carpo G2
Max Nollert on the flagship, now unavailable since 2021.
The new one is called G4!